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what the difference between a major and minor chords is? Of course you should know that major chord sounds happy and a minor chord sounds sad. But, there is more to it than that. Take a minute and learn about the method to creating a minor chord. In music there is a system of organization called musical keys. These keys are defined by intervals in order from smallest to largest: unison = the same note or c minor 2nd = c# major 2nd = d minor 3rd = d# major 3rd = e perfect 4th = f tri-tone = f# perfect 5th = g minor 6th =g# major 6th = a minor 7th = a# major 7th = b octave = c Major and Minor Chords Major and minor are words used to describe the quality of a triad or series of two thirds. Major chords have a a major third above the root of the chord, and a perfect 5th above the root. But, the distance between the major third and perfect fifth is a minor third, therefore creating a series of two thirds. The minor chord has a minor third above the root, with a perfect fifth as well. however, the creates a major third between the minor third and perfect fifth, once again creating a series of two 3rds. Take a C major chord for example: start with c as a root, then go a major third up, or e. Then from the e for up a minor third or g. This creates a major chord. Now take c minor: Start on c, go up a minor third, or e-flat. Then go up a major third or g. This is a minor third. An Ingenious way to learn piano - www.howtoplaypianofast.weebly.com
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