hi my name is hatem

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hi my name is hatem iam from egpyt , i am 19 years old am i too old to learn piano and become a professional is it impossible?or i should have started earlier? i am into to music i want learn music composition and produce music i dont want to make money i want to make music like Epic Music/Cinematic/Uplifting Trance/Chillout not as a hobby is it possible? or i am just dreaming .
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  • Michael

    Age is not a limit to learn anything, if you have passion & you want to learn something then you can learn it. So don't need to worry go & learn, whatever you want to learn! Good Luck! http://www.broughtonpianos.co.uk/

    18th June, 2017

  • BOBsmile

    I would have to say that you are never too old. How you progress is just a matter of how much passion you have for whatever you try.

    18th June, 2017

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