hello .. first i,m e

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hello .. first i,m egyptian boy i need someone to help me in learning piano .. i,m bored from the topics in the internet and i cant know how i start .. i,m not beginner .. i have many information about this concept but i need someone i can asked any question .. and give me his or her experience ... pls that is my dream and i wanna to achieve it by any method ..can anyone can do this for free !!! or all people now have to bring a money from any thing ?? abo_daif2000@yahoo.com my mail if anyone read this message and like to help me i will wait any reply even if positive or negative from any member ... thanks for all ...and i,m sorry about my language
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    You need a professional trainer to teach you piano in a right way, who will guide you & answers of your all doubts. So it's better you join a piano class or hire a piano teacher for yourself.

    18th June, 2017

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