I am a 12 year old p

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I am a 12 year old pianist, cellist, and flutist. I really love music and I want to be music major. The thing is, my parents and my music teachers tell me it's not going to happen. I compose a lot and I really enjoy it. What should I do? :O
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  • Thomas2017

    I encourage you to explore all your options. As others have noted, you have several years before you have to decide. But when you do decide, make the decision yours, don't let others make it for you. When I was your age, I really enjoyed music also. Even later in high school, I was hoping for a music carreer. But I wasn't good enough to play with a professional orchestra and I didn't want to be a band director. Those were the only two music jobs I knew of. I didn't do any research to learn about other possibilities. So at the suggestion of my high school counselor, I studied engineering. For the most part, I've enjoyed that job, but my passion has and remains in music. Too late for me, I learned there are lots of other music jobs that I would have enjoyed, such as church musician or working for a company that makes organs or providing therapy through music. So I recommend you look into all your options. There are most likely several jobs involved in music that you would enjoy and your parents could support you pursuing.

    18th June, 2017

  • Jackma

    its not necessary to being a musician for dealing with music. dont forget you can always continue and develop to playing this enstruments when you work in another job. Success

    18th June, 2017

  • YoungPiano

    So .. I am a parent (a dad) with a 17 year old, a 14 and a 12 year old. I am pretty sure your parents (and teachers) are keen to think about what is best for you. When I was younger I dreamed of being a composer and a musician. Now, I am not (just a proud parent - but that's pretty good), oh and a very keen amateur musician having a lot of fun playing in a jazz band, a rock band and with family and friends. It's good to have dreams and ambitions - but be careful not to hang everything on your dreams - not everyone can be a top musician or a composer. I would say it's too early to tell when you're only 12 years old. Keep an open mind - who knows what you will find in the future that inspires you. And you don't have to let go of your dreams either - just don't get too fixed to young on one track or one ambition. Most of all - enjoy your music and share in your music making with others. it makes it more real and perhaps a little less intense. I have always found when you worry less about things they turn out better.

    18th June, 2017

  • Morris


    18th June, 2017

  • PlayerGT

    Very good.

    18th June, 2017

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