Hi, Am working on a

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Hi, Am working on a site to help people learn how to read music. Would love some feedback on it: http://www.musictheoryacademy.com Thanks.
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  • PeterX

    Hi, Thanks so much for your comment - it's really encouraging. All the best.

    17th June, 2017

  • Emma1987

    Hi - I think your website is great. You have a lot of content and it's well structured and easy to get into. I feels a bit like walking into a nice book shop where you can browse around and find all kinds of interesting things. I get a lot of questions from people starting out in music - and with some simple rules and the starting ideas of how music is put together you can advance really quickly in my opinion. So I like your site a lot, and I will point people in the direction of it.

    17th June, 2017