I've been trying to

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I've been trying to learn how to play basic songs by ear, what are some tips that can help me out? Thanks(:
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  • sgirl58

    probably alot of trial and error too!

    17th June, 2017

  • JamesBU

    excellent! In modern music it helps me to identify the key first...I do this by playing a single note first. If you can play it through pretty much the whole song, it's a good indication of the key. Then I listen for the chord progressions. I, IV, V etc. If you are used to hearing what it sounds like when you swith from a 5th to a 6th or 7th etc. it is easier to pick out the melody. Does that make sense to you? If not I will try to explain better...

    17th June, 2017

  • Sunny

    Most of the time yes I have a firm grasp on everything I just want some tips to make playing by ear a quicker learn.

    17th June, 2017

  • AComposer

    Do you already play with music?

    17th June, 2017

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