Hi, we have recently

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Hi, we have recently noticed an increase in sales of the round piano stool compared to the regular square stool, (I think this is commonly known as a bench in the states). The round stools have fallen out of favour but over the last few months have begun to sell well. Does anyone know why? Is it down to price, storage or something else? Thanks, Phil. http://www.just-piano-stools.co.uk
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  • Countryman

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I have not heard of "dueling piano", not sure if its about in the UK. It may be down to price as the round piano stool is the cheapest piano stool we sell. We haven't noticed a big drop in sales just an increase in the round stools. http://www.just-piano-stools.co.uk/round-piano-stools.html

    15th June, 2017

  • MrBillSTL

    It's the bars. Believe it or not it is the bars. In the last 3 or 4 years many bars have been promoting "dueling piano" entertainment. There are often two pianists who also do comedy and entertain the patrons. They have become quite popular in the States. They have become so popular that it is expected nightly. unfortunately,sometimes people get ill and then there are no longer a team of two. PAtrons have been so upset about this that restaurant/bar managers are requiring that these pair teams each have a second line show of just one of them doing a similar show as the two of them. Often this still requires two pianos. So the pianos are turned around so the one person performer can swivel between the two pianos. As art imitates life home users are opting for the round stools as well - so they can be like the professionals.

    15th June, 2017

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