Hi. I'm hoping someo

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Hi. I'm hoping someone will be able to help me with an answer to what is possibly the stupidest question posted ever. I've played piano for a few years - self taught and by ear, and only recently decided to have a stab at learning to read the 'dots and squiggles'. My question is about chord names written above the stave. What does it mean if it's written C/E? There, said it might be the stupidest question ever Thnx Alix
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  • MichelleCheung

    Aha.That makes sense. Thank you very very much You were right about it being a pop song - Princes 'Nothing compares 2 u'. Starting off slowly Thanks again


    And thnx for explaining it clearly for me

    15th June, 2017

  • ALgreg1

    That is not a stupid question. That is a very good question. C/E in pop music usually means to play the C chord in first inversion. If you're self taught you might not know what that means. Your normal C chord is C-E-G. A first inversion is move the 1st note to the top or E-G-C. A second inversion chord would be G-C-E. So, C is C-E-G; C/E is E-G-C, and C/G is G-C-E. Hope this helps.

    15th June, 2017

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