Hi everyone. You kno

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Hi everyone. You know that Nikolai Kapustin is a genius composer but not so recognized. I mean I didn't even find his piano notes in imslp.org And I am desperate to play one of his notes Reverie(Op 40 no 2)...it's glorious(in my opinion). Not to mention that I love jazz music especially mixture of jazz and classic like Kapustin's notes which happened to be the perfect choices and I have been wanting to play for long time some good jazz pieces or at least one. I searched around here to see if someone offered a link to download his notes...I've seen a topic opened by a user who gave his/her e-mail in his/her site if anyone wants a specific score...but I'm not sure about e-mailing to strangers like that. I mean I doubt his site is official. Has anyone ever e-mailed a stranger here? Apology for such childishness. I just fear hacking and bad bugs coming here...that's all. But it will be so much better if someone here can give me a link to download Kapustin's Reverie notes. I'll truly truly truly appreciate it.
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  • pkdunn

    Go to scribd.com and register. When you have an account, look for nikolai kapustin op 40. You will find the sheet music for all eight concert etudes. I've already downloaded it and I'm doing the Pastorale, No. 6. Good luck!

    15th June, 2017

  • PeterX

    HI^^ I'd like to share that(Kapustin's Etude) with you. Please let me know your e-mail adress ^^ setembro2@naver.com

    15th June, 2017