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Hello, Someone has asked me to accompany them in a month :0 for this piece (I'm not an experienced accompanist. :p). It is not a piece I know, so apologies if this is a "stupid question", but is the piano part played in the baroque style, detaching the 8th notes? I tried to listen to a score on youtube but my ear wasn't good enough to pick it out for sure, though I thought it was (harpsichord would indicate yes but want to be sure. ) Wasn't sure whether to post in the classical or piano forum so sorry if I got it wrong! Thanks!
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  • cameronpianist

    I'm sorry, I don't know. If you haven't already you could try posting it as its own thread-that way more people will see it that might know that song, vs. I doubt they'd look for a post about it in a thread about Bach. :p Good luck with your search!

    15th June, 2017

  • PlayerGT

    Hi im sorry but this isn't actually the answer for your question but do you know where to get the sheet music for piano, the song is `scar` by missy Higgins i think. So if you know where to get this preferably for free can you please e-mail me at ayesha.oxley@gmail.com. thanks, sorry if i annoyed you, bye bye

    15th June, 2017

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