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In Canon in D long version, there is this chord which comprises F, C and higher A (in bar 14). I tried this and found it impossible to stretch my last finger all the way to higher A. Is there an easier way to play this chord ?
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  • Emma1987

    Thks, I'll give this a try !

    15th June, 2017

  • Williams

    Well, say that you have a C, E, G, and C stacked on top of each other in the right hand, to make a sort of long version of the C chord. If you want to add a little more "excitement" you could say, or can't reach a certain chord do this. Say you hit each one of those notes one at a time holding it down with a pedal starting with the low C, then E, then G, and finally the high C. Do it slowly at fist then pick up speed each time you do it. Soon your going pretty fast and it all rolls together like your hand's sort of rolling while you do that. You can do that for notes in chords you can't reach also. It makes things a little more interesting. Hope it made sense. I don't know what the actual term is for it, but I'm used to calling it a roll. Hope it helped! The MusicMaster7.

    15th June, 2017

  • sanzim

    Thanks, but what's a roll ?

    15th June, 2017

  • THEpianist

    Ya know, you could always do a roll. I do that when I can't reach a note on a chord that's too long for my hand. It's sounds just fine too.

    15th June, 2017

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