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Hey I'm a queens NYC native (rapper/"artist") looking for musicians to help me with the creation of my first project/album. I have a pretty concrete vision that I would like to translate into a "tangible product" in this case songs/music. I am currently looking for a piano player, guitar player, bass player, and a logic pro professional essentially we would be forming a band, if you want too look at it that way. I am heavy into all kinds of music and there is nothing I won't try at least once I am actually getting quite bored, so if you have any suggestions please. There are 3 other "artist" (mainly singer/songwritters like myself) that would be contributing to the project as well of which are friends and family but their doing their own things as far as music goes however the main focus in our case would be me and my project. We don't discriminate at all. All races, ages, and genders can offer up there help. I just want to make some noise! The sound I'm going for is a sort of minimal vast sounding electro tinged hip hop that gives a sort of feeling of a very vast space. Good examples of this are found in songs like Junior Boys (Like a child), Drake (Lust for life and Houstanlantavegas), Discovery (Osaka loop line) the last song isn't really vast its more upbeat and crowded but it has that glossy electro/hip hop sound. I would also like to cover a few songs as well and post the videos to youtube. We would also be documenting the whole project as I have a freind who is heavy into photography/video that would be editing the whole thing. all those interested email me at excuseless00@aol.com or chikaraaa@aol.com We have in our "studio" a unibody 13inch mac with ableton live 8 and logic 8, a blue bird condenser mic, a axiom midi control, bose speakers lol, and an interface. Here's one reference track/actually just a freestyle over a pre-made beat I recorded while shouting into my computer lol. http://www.zshare.net/audio/7472419303cebf3a/ My favorite artist include Daft Punk, Justice, M.I.A. Radiohead, Junior Boys, Gang Gang dance, Vampire Weekend, MGMT, LCD Soundsystem, The Knife, Boards of Canada, Animal Collective, Kanye West, Drake, and various dubstep. My top 5 favorite songs are Like a child (Junior Boys), Sunshowers (M.I.A.), Everything in its right place (Radiohead), Voyager (Daft Punk), actually can't pick the 5th one lol Lets do this!
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