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i have alot of songs with the chords on them that i play with on my guitar,only a quarter of them work with the piano and im thinking that they are in another key.in the last week ive learned a,c,g,f,am,d,e,em,dm im going to try to learn all my majors,minors and sevenths i also have 2 ways of playing [in the arms of an angel] but neither 1 sounds right..any ideas?
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    some chord voicings on guitar are fairly wide spaced - and that's sometime tough on a piano to replicate. When I try to "mimic" a guitar voicing on the piano I concentrate on the upper voice and the bass note, and try not to get too "thick" - that is too many notes close together. One of Bill Evans' tricks was to avoid playing "too many" notes at once...

    14th June, 2017

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