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I've been playing piano for a few years and I'm constantly running into sheet music that I don't understand for one common reason, and I'm tired of it! So here's my question, how do you play music that has multiple notes taking up the same spot on the tab. For example: there's a quarter rest over C, but there's also a quarter note occupying the same point in time above it. How would one play this/what does it mean? You can see what I mean for yourself here: http://www.zeldacapital.com/sheet_music/piano/la_pdfs/LegendofZeldaLA-TitleScreen.pdf (it's the first note in the second tab in the Treble Clef.
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    That indicates that there are 2 voices being played simultaneously. Look a measure 3 - the A# should be left to ring, then the 16th note figure is played on beat 2 leading up to the high D#. The 2 half notes (the A# and high D#) are a single "voice" while the the rests are associated with the voice that has the 16th anf 8th notes. I hope this helps!

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