ok so im totaly new

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ok so im totaly new to piano and im enjoying learning it. however the songs im learning in school bore me to death. so i decided i wanted to learn a song that i like that way ill be more motivated. so im crazy over the song call me by shinedown and want to learn it so bad!!!! however i can not find the music to it. does anyone here know where to get the music or if you have it could you send it to me my email is tsbtmsfhl@yahoo.com . THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for any help
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    hello! my nickname is strider, and i love teaching piano. the song is fairly easy, and the violins really make the song beatiful, but of course the piano si the best part too. the song starts with c# minor, then E, then B, then A. actually the song is really easy! i am kind of busy this week, but i can do a video just for you on the week of 20 onwards. please visit my site. i have two videos there that i hope would inspire you. http://onepianotutor.blogspot.com my email is striderbatareyes@gmail.com i hope we can keep in touch and i'll give you all there is to this great song.

    14th June, 2017

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