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Just wondering what other abilities, hobbies and the like that pianists (or any instrument really) may have in common other than music...For example- I find that whenever someone wants a unique party theme, decor, etc. I am often asked for ideas. So, I would say that I am the creative one in my little social circle.
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  • Tony Jackson
    Tony Jackson

    I think the math angle has legitimacy - frations anyone? And the logical structures of chord theory are essentially set-theory. Then there is they underlying physics of the wave interactions, the tempered scale...a lot of science going on when you play any instrument. Personally I was an engineer, now I'm a computer programmer, and I see little difference between writing a musical piece or a bit of computer code. Designing septic fields? Well maybe that wasn't as creative... Aside from playing several instruments (guitar, bass, trumpet, piano) and loving several genres of music (good pop, jazz, classical) one of my big joys is sports... Baseball appeals to me for a few reasons - the math aspect is undeniable, but there is a logical part that has to be respected: strategies can change without a pitch being thrown, the long season creates ebbs and flows similar to a good piece of music. But the physical aspects of sports vs music is where I find the biggest connections: There are aspects of sports that require an enormous amount of strength - in music think of an operatic singer filling a concert hall with the sheer power of his/her diaphragm, lungs and vocal cords. And then there is the minute manual dexterity required for many musical pursuits - then compare it to the minute manipulations a baseball pitcher needs to apply to a pitched ball to rip off a great curve ball or slider. And another aspect is the need to practice. Few athletes can get by on only their natural gifts. Few musicians can, too!

    13th June, 2017

  • Walter

    All of my friends at school are talented at the piano and other instruments, and they all have a 90%+ exam result in Math and Italian, even though the teacher learns new words of them, like poco a poco.

    13th June, 2017

  • Animalski

    That is sooo funny! I'm a math tutor! Math is great!

    13th June, 2017

  • Varonica

    As my band director said, "When the marching band goes on a trip, the AP Calc program shuts down". When the AP Calc kids are taking the AP test or going to math olympiad, I put in a movie for the rest of the band." I myself do not have a great head for math...I'm better at reading and the social sciences and things like that.

    13th June, 2017

  • Carolina

    i find this topic very interesting. i play several instruments (piano, flute, guitar and violin) I find that my musician friends (and myself) are mathematically skilled. Those who have a natural knack for music also do well in school. I being a pianist helps the brain work in different areas at the same time and to multi task. As far as other hobbies, i enjoy reading and crocheting. However, i have not noticed much hand-eye (for sports) coordination attached to my musical talent.


    "i being" ***"i think that being"

    13th June, 2017

  • PlayerGT

    I like to watch other pianist too. I usally try to be in a location where I can see their hands. I admit that sometimes this distarcts me from the overall performance, but I like to see what the playing style is!

    13th June, 2017

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