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I was caught doing something crazy by my bass player! We were playing a piece of music which has a small piano solo that holds for a whole note at the end of the phrase. He looks at my fingers and says "what are you doing?" I was actually trying to vibrato the piano key! (I play viola too)
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  • Tony Jackson
    Tony Jackson

    that's definitley a piano downside. its quite difficult to do a good vibrato

    13th June, 2017

  • Carolina

    Well, we need to be creative some time. We need to break free from traditions.

    13th June, 2017

  • Beethovenian

    No, not on purpose...just a thing that I did. Now keep in mind that this happened while we were playing in front of people, so then I'm trying not to laugh (I felt kind of silly) and finish the music too!

    13th June, 2017

  • Paul Whiteman
    Paul Whiteman

    LOL Reminds me of when I had to travel a lot for work in a company van that was an automatic (been driving a manual for 20 years)...and I'd often go for the gear shift in the van. Then I'd adjust the radio volume or scratch my knee and my partner would say "there's no shift in this truck" with a wry smile. He sometimes did it too!

    13th June, 2017