Hi!! Merry Christmas

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Hi!! Merry Christmas to you guys !! Can you help me? On March, in our school our teacher required us for the clearance signing that we must play the keyboard while singing. What do you think is an easy music sheet for me to play? Please suggest me some. (Not the songs like row,row,row your boat, etc). I'm 15 yrs old and I'm a beginner in playing keyboard/piano. I know all the basics in playing like the note reading, key signatures etc. Its just that I do not play the piano always that is why I have a slow progress. Thanks!
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  • ALgreg1

    imagine by the beatles, Unfaithful by rhianna, both are good, i dont know any others though sorry

    11th June, 2017

  • Stephen

    Along the lines Red suggested, "Let It Be", "Hey Jude", or "Yesterday" by the Beatles are great classic tunes.

    11th June, 2017

  • davidareid

    Good songs you can play that have piano and singing are Bridge Over Troubled Water, Rocket Man, and most songs by Elton John. Most of them are really easy and they sound good too! So good luck with this! Hope this helped!

    11th June, 2017

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