Hey Guys, I was jus

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Hey Guys, I was just browsing the New York Public Library website for a school project and noticed they have some pretty cool videos available. One of them highlights the piano and runs through its evolution over the years. I suggest you take a look if your interested in that type of stuff....lets keep eachother posted on these kind of links. http://www.nypl.org/news/treasures/
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  • Beatles

    Great video .Really very good i think it is very useful video for all the music lovers.Even i have one site have a look http://www.perfectlygrand.com/

    11th June, 2017

  • Tony Jackson
    Tony Jackson

    Hi, Wow!!That's cool and pretty videos and really piano and runs is One of highlight evolution over the year.If i have any link the i will share with you.

    11th June, 2017

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