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I started learning the piano just over a year ago. People I know who have had lessons, taken some of the grade exams or not as the case may be. Have reached a reasonable standard, and then stopped playing. I love the piano and can never understand why anyone would want to stop. Perhaps life gets in the way and they dont have time to do it anymore, but if you love the instrument, you will make time. I am talking about people who have simply got fed up with it. One friend of mine hasn't played in about 20 years and said they are now very rusty. I think sometimes if they were forced to take lessons as children, they give it up as an adult. I don't agree with forcing children to play any instrument. It is up to the child to want to do it. I know someone who is a professional pianist and went to an exclusive music school, and started learning when they were 7.... but they wanted to and thats why they have carried on to make a career out of it.
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  • cameronpianist

    Pals, you can teach yourself to play musical notes by yourself. I mean you know how to read notes and if there are small things which need to be fixed or understood, you can search for anyone for help or ask through Internet. Maybe, this is a crazy idea I guess.

    10th June, 2017

  • Carolina

    Why didnt i get another teacher?~Finding a good teacher is hard [for me ],my 1st piano teacher moved.My other one [that I mentioned ]droved me nuts I stopped lessons also because I was'nt praticing and I didnt really like it, and i didnt want to waste money.

    10th June, 2017

  • hailyjewel

    If you did not like your piano teacher, why didn't you find another one? I guess it is easy to be put off by a piano teacher you cannot get along with and some people if they are young, think that the next teacher will be just as bad. I am fortunate enough to have a good teacher. As mentioned, doing concerts can put you off. I belong to a music academy and we have one summer and one winter concert every year. I have just taken part in my first concert and enjoyed it. It was 'different' playing to an audience, but I think in some ways better because you are not being judged on your technical ability as you are in an exam or lesson. In a concert, you are simply giving enjoyment to others who come along to listen and if you play a couple of wrong notes, it is not the end of the world. It takes years and years to play to absolute perfection. Even Chopin had to start somewhere lol. As for getting bored with the piano, who knows, but at the moment I love trying new pieces and giving myself a challenge. I am currently trying to learn to play Moonlight Sonata

    10th June, 2017

  • Fred Fisher
    Fred Fisher

    fist of all,im duper glad that you like piano, as I never liked it. but the are reason many stop piano Here are MY reasons. 1)teachers,many times most do not like their piano teahers [such as I] so you need a good piano teacher.. 2)concerts and rectails! I get annoyed by them.. 3)and well it was mentioned, but the fact of siting down to pratice. it gets boring {TO ME!}

    10th June, 2017

  • Williams

    For me, I used to love it long time ago but now, I would say I sometimes like piano. It's because I can't tolerate sitting more than half an hour. It gets annoying. Piano is beautiful and I am grateful that I know how to play piano. But I guess there are things more interesting such as "sports"? There are also sports which are so cool. :S I don't know.

    10th June, 2017

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