Does anyone have som

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Does anyone have some tips for playing scales and runs on the piano? I've only been playing 6 years so I'm not amazing, but I was watching someone play the piano and they kept doing these runs and scales and things really attempt resembled a fish trying to escape a blender with a short in it's fuse. I understand the whole '5 3 4 3' thing but there an easier way?
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  • Thomas2017

    I like doing scales. I am a fast typist and have a speed of 70 words per minute, so that helps with playing fast scales. I like doing melodic and harmonic scales. I am playing a piece of music at the moment called Sonatina and the right hand plays a C major scale and the left hand plays a few other notes and the harmony is lovely


    Why do you say you say you are not amazing? I wish I had started to play the piano 6 years ago. I would think after 6 years you would be pretty advanced.

    10th June, 2017

  • Paul Whiteman
    Paul Whiteman

    scales are important to learn as they are the key to good piano playing especially if your playing a peice that say has a c scale run in it you will know the correct fingering for this as u will have learned the c scale. i normally follow the suggested fingering from the scales book start of doing right hand and then left hand doing both over and over then putting them both together remember to do this slowly after time your hands will automatically play the right note with the right fingering. if you look most of major scales are 123 1234 123 1234 sequence for the right hand F scale finishes on a different finger and B scale starts on different fingering cant remember what on lol

    10th June, 2017

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