I'm fairly novice so

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I'm fairly novice so bear with me Im trying to find the best (accepted) way to play a Bb inverted chord on the piano with my right hand. I use my thumb on the F and my pinkie on the D. Im not sure, however which finger to use on the Bb itself. I use the 2nd sometimes and 3rd the other but am not sure which is "right". I dont want to form "bad habits" early.
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    Does anyone have/can they email me the sheet music for Robbie Williams Angels song? I am new to 8notes.com. onehope@comcast.net Thanks.

    9th June, 2017

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    I would think that the 3rd finger would be more comfortable, but there isn't really a "right" way. Fingering depends on a lot of different things, such as the flexibility of your fingers and what's comfortable for them, and what you have to play in the rest of the music. If, for example, it's easier to use your third finger so that your second is free to quickly go to another key, then you should do so, but if that's awkward, then don't.

    9th June, 2017

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