Hey you guys, I'm ju

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Hey you guys, I'm just now learning how to play the piano and I can play a little bit, but now I'm getting music with 3 clefts, theres a treble cleft, another treble cleft and then a bass cleft. Theres only one grand staff and thats a treble and a bass cleft. So what do I do with the other treble cleft, and how do I play it.
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  • Rudy1988

    Alrighty ur promblem solved! The second treble cleff is for VOCAL MELODIES ONLY so just play the bottom two cleffs. hope this helps.

    8th June, 2017

  • Stephen

    Good point. I didn't think of that.

    8th June, 2017

  • ivanoeck

    The third clef may be for voice or another instrument. Piano plays on the grand staff; even piano music with more than two staves will be connected with a bracket. You don't have to play the third clef. It may even be impossible to do so on piano, but you could always sing along or get a friend to play with you.

    8th June, 2017

  • DanQL

    Anyone, feel free to correct/add to this. But typically when you have 3 staves one of your hands, usually the left hand will cross over the right hand to play the 3rd staff. Music is sometimes written in 3 staves so its easier to read. For example, the left hand will have bass clef as usual, the right hand has treble clef, and then a 3rd staff above that for the left hand. Most songs are written so that the left hand plays something in bass clef, then has enough time to cross over the right hand to play the 3rd staff. Ask me to clarify this if you don't understand or if I'm just plain confusing you. Rachmaninoff's prelude op.32 no. 2 goes into 4 staves, 2 for each hand.

    8th June, 2017

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