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Hi I am new here, only discovered this site yesterday. Anyway, I have been learning piano for about 7 months now and I think I am doing reasonably well. However, I was given a tune to play for homework which required me to learn two new chords. These chords are Dm and D7. My teacher wrote down the notes that go with these chords so I can play and learn them. I have no problem with the Dm chord which is D F A, but the D7 chord she wrote as C D F# and on this site when I look at the chord for this one it tells you to press different notes. I am confused. Can anyone help thanks Surely my teacher would not give me wrong information, after all if she can get a pupil through their Grade 3 piano exam then she must know what shes doing
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    I ain't no expert, but it looks like an inversion with the 5th missing. The 8Notes chord chart gives... C - 7th A - 5th F# - 3rd D - root The chord your teacher has given you starts on the 7th rather than the root, then does the root and 3rd, but stops before the 5th. I have no idea if it's okay to drop the 5th to play the chord 'properly'. Assuming it is, the 5th has presumably been dropped to make fingering easier, or maybe to get a specific feel from the chord that differs from versions of it that do include the 5th.

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