Hello, I am trying t

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Hello, I am trying to learn piano. I have a very simple question that I need answered about reading sheet music. I was taught that you play the treble clef with your right hand and the bass clef with your other right hand. However, in some sheet music for popular piano songs there are three clefs, one free-standing treble clef with a treble and bass clef in brackets beneath that. Since I only have two hands, but it appears I need to play three clefs simultaneously, I decided to get some expert help. Short of surgically attaching a third upper limb, what should I do about this mysterious yet troubling second treble clef??? Thanks!
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  • musicforU

    that used to fool me too . if your playing pop songs they probably have a vocal line.but usualy the vocal line and the right hand bit, xcept for a few notes are almost the same

    7th June, 2017

  • Sailor

    The two clefs for piano are connected by a bracket; together, they're called the grand staff. If the third clef is not connected with the bracket, it's not part of the grand staff, so you don't have to worry about it. It's probably vocal or another instrument.

    7th June, 2017

  • PeterX

    I think the uppermost treble clef is the vocal part. Does it have lyrics under the staff? If its the vocal part you could sing it while playing lol ^^

    7th June, 2017

  • sgirl58

    Dose your music have a vocal part? I have seen vocal/piano music with a piano treble and bass clef, and then a separate treble clef for the singer.

    7th June, 2017

  • CarolBlackburn

    I ran into a similar problem trying to play "Clubbed to Death" from the Matrix soundtrack. It has a second higher treble staff. During those parts though there is only a whole note in the bass staff at the beginning of the mesure so you can hit that and sustain it then move your left hand up to play the normal treble staff and then your right hand is free to move on up and play the higher treble staff. Its a lot easier said than done btw. It takes a lot of coordination when reading, but once you know it its like any other kinda of playing....put it on autopilot and enjoy it haha I hope my response was helpful! Justin

    7th June, 2017

  • Paul piano
    Paul piano

    Is it three lines or three clefs? Anyway sometimes in music you play the treble cleff with your left hand (Your left hand almost always is in the bottom line) just to get that out of the way. Anyway with your three cleffs I don't know if I entirely understand you. Is it three lines or three cleffs? If you incounter a peice that has three staves don't play the top stave, this is the VOCAL notes not piano accompiniament. The other two lines are the accompinament. Going back to your three cleffs in two lines I would have to see it to know. Can you send it too me through 8notes? If you can I might be able to help you. Thanks.

    7th June, 2017

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