i`m desperately look

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i`m desperately looking for "Nothing else matters" (metallica, notes for piano)... If anyone has it, please e-mail me: christoffer.bergqvist@gbgsd.se or bboy424_@hotmail.com
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  • pkdunn

    http://www.sheetplaza.com/ You can download it from this site.

    6th June, 2017

  • myredroom

    thanx cyrion :D... Do someone have the piano version "Metallica - Nothing Else Matters - Piano Instrumental (Matt Finnerty)" then please e-mail it to Bboy424_@hotmail.com...//crustjov

    6th June, 2017

  • PlayerGT

    i found it, and ill send to you both

    6th June, 2017

  • West

    i have a copy of nothing else matters if u want it its a rockin song

    6th June, 2017

  • Donalds

    o0o!!! if you do have nothing else matters! could you possibly send it to me at maddyrules@hotmail.co.uk ? it's my favourite song and i can't find the piano for it anywhere! -remembers to breathe- thank you so much if you can!

    6th June, 2017

  • Rudy1988

    i think i have that one, ill take a look for you in my collection

    6th June, 2017

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