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I have close to 12,000 songs in my collection. From ABBA to Frank Zappa, From Zombie to Ave Maria. And everything in between, ... (Kelly Clarkson, Supertramp, Tom Waits, Randy Newman, The Beatles, Air Supply, Britney Spears, Bruce Springsteen, Oasis, James Blunt, Coldplay, Mel C, Bryan Adams, Keane, Daniel Powter, ... ) Yes, even Michael Bolton. (Yeah, ..., I know ) I have tons of classical music and a nice collection of ragtime-classics (Mainly Scott Joplin). There are folksongs, Christmas-carols and traditionals. Musical-, movie- and TV-themes. And a whole lot of Disney songs (From "The little Mermaid" to "Pirates of the Caribbean".) I don't claim to have anything unique in my collection, but some pieces are really hard to come by if you don't know where to look. If you want to make any requests, then you have to do it here: http://www.aerith91.proboards43.com/ Don't bother to request stuff on here, because I rarely come by here and your requests won't be answered. I especially hope to see the people back who were member of my previous forum. YoYo,
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