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I've been playing piano for a while and have only about 1 year of training. I basically know the basics now and was wondering what piano book I should buy. Something I can learn on my own instead of with an instructor because I am currently not taking any lessons. I want something with a lot of variety. Something with classical, pop, jazz, and anything else you can think of. I also need the level of difficulty to be suitable for an intermediate pianist. I would appreciate any sort of input. thanks in advance
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  • BOBsmile

    Thanks. I already have the alfred's adult beginner book though. lol. But that does help. Thanks for the quick responses.

    3rd June, 2017

  • Thomas2017

    i'd say a level 2 adult level beginners lesson book...like alfred's adult beginner all-in-one level 2 book. that will teach you various technics and things to help you read music and such.

    3rd June, 2017

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