heya. evri1 has to

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heya. evri1 has to kow teh song carmina burana ive wanted the music for ages n by accident found out atlast the name ive alais known it as excalibur from the remake of it. aniwaiz i know the song is written in SATB and percussion but i found a piano version which simply enough is just the SATB divided into left n right hnds simple enough. 1 problem 11 bux i wa wondering if someone could guide me to a site with the whle piece cause theres bout 15 different songs in it tat would b great oh n if ani1 could find a site with the trilofi tat would b grreat. BTW carmina burana is the third part of thetrilogy called trilofi written b carl olff i thin i twaws aniwaiz if u can find the site or even just talk bout teh son n ur experiences wtih it tat would b awesome
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