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Hi, new here, my name is Alli. My husband and I were recently given an upright piano by some friends. We don't play and know nothing about the piano, just as a heads up! We want to have the piano tuned and serviced so our daughter can take lessons. There are a few keys that don't work. I have some questions that maybe more knowledgeable people here can answer. 1. What should we look for in a piano teacher? Our daughter is 8 and has no previous musical lessons (other than music class at school). 2. Is it generally expensive to have a piano serviced? At this point we want our daughter to be able to practice on the instrument and learn something. Being new to all of this, I don't want to end up paying someone for services we don't really need. The piano was made by Gordon, I don't know how old it is. 3. This question might be really stupid. Can you paint or refinish a piano? This one is a very dark, almost black color and has some wear and tear. My husband is a decorative painter and wants to woodgrain the piano (paint it to look like wood, which he is very good at). He'll only be working on the outside, of course, but I thought it would be just our luck that he'd somehow ruin the instrument. Thanks in advance for any information. If I've posted these questions in the wrong place, please let me know!
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