well, i wanna learn

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well, i wanna learn to play the keyboard at least, then maybe advance to an actual piano. so if anyone could suggest a keyboard brand/model for a beginner? it will be greatly appreciated.. i'm looking for something within a budget, something cheap, but not cheap quality, but nothing too expensive coz i'm only aiming to learn how to play, not play for a band or an audience...yet also, if anyone could give some learning tips?... i'm not planning on hiring a teacher or taking classes just yet. i'm still trying to see if i can teach myself using books or internet, any cheap way to learn. thank you in advance
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  • Cally

    hi my name is Blaise iam just about to take my grade 1 exam. i have been playing 1 year nearly now i learnt on a yamaha psr-310. In my opinion Yamaha are the best make. Hope this helps. Good Luck Blaise

    1st June, 2017

  • Emma1987

    I'm 12 I'm just about to take my grade 2 exam. I firstly learnt to play on a CASIO CTK-591 .Now a Casio digital piano.

    1st June, 2017

  • Kerry Mills
    Kerry Mills

    thanks guys!!! i'll keep those in mind!!!!!!!

    1st June, 2017

  • LarryBLACK

    roland is what you need,it`s better than yamaha,it`s little more expensive,but this is your keyboard.roland E16 or roland E15

    1st June, 2017

  • Jackma

    Well I started teaching myself the piano (I now have lessons), and I can recommend Yamaha keyboards....they're great quality, have good extra features and aren't too expensive. I think mine was about

    1st June, 2017

  • PeterX

    hey im self taught lol its soo cool, umm i learnt on a genie organ lol i think their extinct lol. but a good cheap gr8 quality keyboard for learning is a yamaha. my one has all types of songs with all different levels and uses styles and fancy things but if u just wanna learn it has an affective way of teaching you and u can write ur own musin with it too if u have midi cords lol. umm tips... i think the best thing to do while learning is get a note pad bar thing it looks like this c d e f g a b c d e l l l l l l l --l--l-- --l--l--l-- --l--l-- and so on. it fits over the top of your keyboard or piano notes and has the keys above. then get some speed music i think its like 12 bux for a book of about 20 peices, its big notation with the key inside the notation. its begginers learners musicbut if you get good at it with a yamaha, you can asdd a style or melody to it, i perform country western music using the speed play music and styles. it sounds proffesional almost like a whole band. so its music that will stay with you for ever. the speed music i have is dated back to about 1965 and most of the songs have been refurbished and played today but u would prob buy new release music ones. if u need any help with learning like fingering or anything drop me an e-mail. my addy is maunababah@hotmail.com and ill send u an e-mail with an extensive guide on how i learn't. oh p.s. it took me about 3 days of practise, about 1 n a half hours a day. i had learn't everything with keys fingering and what not and just played music from there to gain skill in reading and decoding

    1st June, 2017

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