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hi piano players i'm a i transcribe songs for piano only i'm looking for a kind of job i can transcribe for free, if the song is not too long..... ok, u can contact me: pianistonstrike@hotmail.com have a nice day, see ya!
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  • Michael

    could you please transcribe "if i never knew you" off of the Pocahontas soundtrack for me ? thanks my email address is l2002aura@aol.com

    1st June, 2017

  • Johnson

    i`m a very good translator too,but dimitri from paris-nothing to lose,that was hard to me.i will praise if you translate it too ,`cause i am a little confused about some chords.thanx

    1st June, 2017

  • Animalski

    could someone transcribe "Everytime We Touch" by Cascada, not the remix version? please email me! ashantelle1830@yahoo.com

    1st June, 2017

  • Varonica

    ooo please could you do me lady madonna by the beatles. my emial is smells_like_wag@hotmail.com cheers

    1st June, 2017

  • PeterX

    Ok don't hesitate if someone wanna play a song and the sheet music does not exist .. send me a email and i will answer you

    1st June, 2017

  • KatieKitty

    oh wow! are you good? i'll try and think of a song i want transcribing...but can't think of one off the top of my head, sorry!

    1st June, 2017

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