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All I've managed to find is Hello, My Immortal and Bring me to Life...anyone have breathe no more or going under?
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  • Stephen
    Stephen this website has both the sheet music..pretty cool site

    31st May, 2017

  • Stephen

    Does anyone have any sheet music for "your star" on ev's nu album? I really need it for a gig asap!

    31st May, 2017

  • David Bruce
    David Bruce

    Hmm....I've been looking for this sheet music for a while now to Breathe no More...If anyone has it, please email it to me at: thank you very much. .SHADOW.

    31st May, 2017

  • Sailor

    oh..sure^_^; does it have breathe no more? just that and going under.. ...and my immortal, too, cuz the one I have is simplified or...something. anyway, thanks!:D you could email it to or post it here...whatever is convenient for you..

    31st May, 2017

  • Romano

    I have the song book, and I would be more than happy to scan it on my printer and let youhave it, or is that illegal ? Let me know allright ? K, talk to ya then !

    31st May, 2017

  • Brooklyn

    **oh yeah, you could email them to, if it's not too much trouble.^_^ thanks!

    31st May, 2017

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