Hi! Does anyone have

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Hi! Does anyone have "A whole new world"? It's the theme from Aladdin. Could anyone please send it to me? (khaeris@yahoo.es)
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  • yiyi

    i do have another version of it.. it's scanned.. :D email me if you want it so that i could attach and send it to you.. my email: ashantelle1830@yahoo.com

    31st May, 2017

  • Jessica

    Hey, I don't have the music, but to make your dreams come true, I found a website that contains a pdf file of the music. This link is: http://www.emodb.com/PIANO/AWHOLENEWWORLD.pdf Hope this helps you out!! ~Ashton


    P.S. Anyone else who wants this music can try this link as well (I figure there is more than one person that wants this music).

    31st May, 2017

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