Has anyone got their

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Has anyone got their results for November's theory exams yet? If so, please share your results and which grade you did!! I did grade 1 and got Distinction 100/100!!! I'm SOOOO over the moon, even though it's only grade 1!!! Also, how much harder is grade 3 or 4 than 1? Is it a lot harder or just a bit??!! Love Laura XxX
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    the last time i did my theory exam was in 2003 and that was grade 5..i only got a merit of 85 though..n to tell u the truth, i sorta HATE theory i dunno y..so mostly i did last minute work with sum huge pushing from my teacher after that i didn't take any more exams since all i needed was a grade 5 cert to go all the way to grade 8 in practical..so gud for you, personally i feel theory is juz like any other academic subject, u'll do well if ur interested in learning it..which i dun although i noe its important..so keep doin ur thing n it wont b too tough. anyway,congratz!

    31st May, 2017