Hi- Would someone pl

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Hi- Would someone please give me any suggestion for my son
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  • Varonica

    No you u shouldn't quite his lessons because, well first of all he's only six, and if he's just tought the right way to place his hands he will eventually get it. It might take a while, but in the long run it will pay off.

    30th May, 2017

  • Harry prince
    Harry prince

    I think the best thing is to, A. Get a new teacher or B. Try every way posible to get him to have all his fingers int he correct position. You can ask him personaley if he really wants piano if he dosent i suggest you quit his lessons.

    30th May, 2017

  • Tony Jackson
    Tony Jackson

    I started playing around that age as well. I never did group lessons, but I did do private. What my teacher suggested when I first started playing was to pretened that there is an orange in each palm of your hand. That was to keep the fingers in the proper position while playing. At first I didn't know what she meant, then she got two small bean bags and taped them to my palms as I was playing. It really helped me a lot with getting my fingers used to the proper position for playing. That was almost 16 years ago, and the technique she used greatly helped me.

    30th May, 2017

  • THEpianist

    I agree. Someone who works with children should have several ways to remind a child to keep their fingers where they are supposed to go.

    30th May, 2017

  • MrBillSTL

    We've had expeience with an excellent children's teacher, and although a child may need to be reminded from time to time to correct his hand position (because most of us are naturally lazy!), a good teacher should have some tricks up her sleeve and know how to introduce all kinds of musical concepts to a child in a way that is developmentally appropriate and makes sense to him. I would recommend asking around and finding a teacher other families recommend with enthusiasm.

    30th May, 2017

  • PlayerGT

    Are you saying that he doesn't play on his finger tips and the thumb isn't on the keyboard at all? if thats the case maybe you can help him when he practices or write a note and stick it on the piano to remind him where his fingers are supposed to go. if that doesn't help, maybe the teacher isn't explaining it correctly or your son doesn't understand the way the teacher is explaining it. Every child is different in the way they need to be explained to. Whether you find a new teacher or not, keep your son in lessons. It will be very helpful farther down the road. Hope I helped a little!

    30th May, 2017

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