hi, im rather new t

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hi, im rather new to piano, i only know 'clocks - cold play'. i was wondering where to go from here. i realise that this piece's degree of difficult is very minor, but i got alot of satisfaction from learning it. i was wondering if someone could please suggest a song with about the same simplicity and quality piece as 'clocks by cold play'. im am very egear to learn something new. many thanks, in advanced, Stephen W.
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  • Emma1987

    Try to find some of Tchaikovsky's The Seasons, I'm not sure of your abilities, but the grander the piece the more skill required, and in the end the better you must become. I wish you the best in learning and making music.

    30th May, 2017

  • KatieKitty

    same goes for me stephen, i just learnt clocks too and im also new i do play guitar so i'm not entirely new to notes and music etc.. but i'm wondering just like you what's good to practise next..

    30th May, 2017