hey folks!!!! i` ve

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hey folks!!!! i` ve got a loads of sheet music!!! (more than 1000!!!!) and lot of "exact artist play book"!!!!!!! i search just the sheet music and the midi of this song" Bad day - Daniel Powter" hope someone, got it, or just transcribe it...... thx in advance Damian
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  • pkdunn

    yeah that mario brothers sheet music is very cool , i have it to and i can play the song

    26th May, 2017

  • BOBsmile

    Hi there I`ll gladly transcribe the score for you into letters if you like, as long as you can mail me the piece? Cheers, Becky

    26th May, 2017

  • sgirl58

    i brought the sheet music for bad day but its a bit hard for me just started playing and i cant read music tht well if someone can help me with the notes ill give you a free copy, only if you can translate the sheet music into written down notes for me. thnx

    26th May, 2017

  • Kerry Mills
    Kerry Mills

    Hi did you say you had the sheet music to Bad Day, I can swap for some Ben Folds, Coldplay Evanescence, and heaps more, just ask me!

    26th May, 2017

  • JamesBU

    ^^ thanks, but i`m not interested but, it`s a cool game!!!

    26th May, 2017

  • Paul piano
    Paul piano

    hey, i got the notes to mario themes lol

    26th May, 2017

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