so i recently took m

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so i recently took my rcm piano exam and did terribly! i screwed up the beginning of my first song twice, and at the ending the notes that were supposed to be swift and smooth came out jumbled and all wrong.. the second song was all right and the third was okay the studies were fine but i screwed up on one triad and when she asked me to play g minor i played g major instead! with all this what do you think i got out of a 100?
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  • ALgreg1

    out of topic, how do i make my own forum?

    26th May, 2017

  • Johnson

    believe me i've had my share of bad exams too. The judicator always factors in the pressure that you are experiencing. Don't worry even if you get a lower mark then you expected there's always the lesson learned

    26th May, 2017

  • yiyi

    Like Kishi said, I can't really say because I wasn't at the exam. It's good that you realise you made mistakes, but don't stress too much over them because the exam is over now and there isn't anything you can do about it. In one of my exams I made many more mistakes than that but I still got a B. I've found that examiners can tell whether you're stuffing up due to nerves or to lack of preparation, so if you prepared well then I'm sure you won't get as bad a mark as you expect Try to stay positive, I'm very sure you didn't fail at least.

    26th May, 2017

  • Cally

    problibly like a c-, but i'm not so sure...

    26th May, 2017

  • Donalds

    i dunno, sory i can't give you a grade because i haven't heard you play. but at least you were able to identify that you had errors. it's ok to have errors, there's always a second chance. if you are really eager to learn piano then don't let these things stop you from learning music. jaz keep practicing. don't worry, all of us started with errors and mistakes. cheer up! ------kishi

    26th May, 2017

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