hey everyone need he

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hey everyone need help! im oin grade 4 and i need some msuci for missy higgins 'scar' so if anyone knows where to fdind it let me know! my dream is to become a muzo and i play flute, piano and electric guitar. help! thanks : o
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  • Morris

    I don't need a new flute. If you bothered to read the whole post it was about me getting a new headjoint, not a flute. I have a Powell flute, and a Yamaha as my backup. Please think or actually READ the post before you post again.


    I am usually a pleasant person to civil people.

    24th May, 2017

  • Madida

    who said i should put a yamaha headjoint on anyway im just giving u a reccomendation for a new flute. i have a yamaha. dont be soo flipping mean. im really sick of this site.

    24th May, 2017

  • Emma1987

    Aren't you that stupid kid that told me to get a Yamaha headjoint to put on my Powell flute? Lol!!!

    24th May, 2017

  • YoungPiano

    Where and when did I call myself clever? Your an idiot! Learn how to spell.

    24th May, 2017

  • Morris

    god. u call urself clever. wateva. musicin. r u lke from china or sumwhere. god.

    24th May, 2017

  • sanzim

    What the heck is a muzo?

    24th May, 2017

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