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I know there isn`t a standard "most beautiful`` piece but I`ll like to know what pieces you people deem beautiful / emotional / powerful / awesome. Just any piece of music you really like. It would be nice if you could tell us why you like it too. The piece doesn`t have to be really hard. Could be anything from Beethoven`s Fur Elise to Rachminov`s Piano Concerto No 3. I`ll start with one of my favourite pieces; Rimsky-Korsakov - The Flight of the Bumblebee Ever since I saw Maksim play it, I`ve been crazy over it. I`m non-graded. I think the entire song is really exciting. With the help of some of my piano-playing friends, I have been able play some of it. How about you guys?
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  • Thomas2017

    Second movement of Rachmaninoff`s Piano Concerto #2. I can`t get over it.

    23rd May, 2017


    The end of Rach`s 3rd concerto... It gives me chills everytime I listen to it. Once I played it in a competition, and at the end, I was informed by a friends of mine that everyone was crying. CRYING! It really truly is the greatest piece ever written for piano. I love it 1000x more than Rach 2. This is the piece that truly has everything.

    23rd May, 2017

  • BOBsmile

    I vote for Tr

    23rd May, 2017

  • Michael

    The most beautiful concerto and most romantic of Rach`s is obviously his second, I cant understand the logic behind suggesting his third is in some way better or more pleasing to the ear and rewarding, because it quite simply is not. Rach 2 has been voted the best piece of classical music for years ever. My favourite movement is the first, it has the immense opening chords and then flourishes with beautiful episodes, a sublime fantastic masterpiece. The second and third movements are just the same, wonderful music. The difference between this and his third is the fact that after the first powerful movement of the third the rest of the Rach 3 is simply not as good as the rest of th second, which is consistently beautiful throughout the whole concerto. Who agrees?

    23rd May, 2017

  • KatieKitty

    In my opinion the ossia first movement cadenza of Rachmaninoff`s 3rd concerto is probably the most powerful and beautiful 2 and a half some minutes of piano music ever written. The ending of Beethoven`s "Appassionata" stirs something from deep inside me as well. As for non-classical, without a doubt: "You" from Christopher O`Riley plays Radiohead.

    23rd May, 2017

  • musicforU

    whew, thank goodness that pie post was removed. So what do you guys think? (above question)

    23rd May, 2017

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