Hi! I was just wond

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Hi! I was just wondering how many other piano players here also played organ. I just began a little over eight months ago, and I`m still pretty terrible. When I started, I couldn`t read bass clef and my teacher put me on third year piano music. So, I was wondering if taking a beginning piano class this summer at Blue Lake would help me to become a better organist. Any advice? Thanks! ~Emily~
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  • Thomas2017

    i take pipe organ lessons for 3 months and i`m not that great either. i am playing some chorale perludes from Orgelbuchlein and Wachit auf (spelling!) all by Bach.

    21st May, 2017

  • Brooklyn

    The clavier, in any variety, is the end-all, be-all instrument... in my opinion. They`re diverse, and they apply musical theory in a very understandable and formulaic way. Certainly, the piano being one of the more diversified instruments known to man, (I believe myself- and have been told by elders) : thus learning first the piano greatly eases and adds to your music career; for things basic to the piano are in many ways integreted in other aspects of the musical spectrum. Therefore, in my personal unproffessional opinion: piano would definately help. I have fiddled around with an electric organ once, it was a Baldwin, and I can really see the importance of fluently understanding the bass clef. I have only dabbled with the piano, composing a bit- but my chief experience is in performing vocals (only recently have I begun writing for those). But, to ease your pain, try writing. I have found that there is no better way to become familiar with a clef than to dive into it head first. I hope that helps. Cheers, Jon Dwight

    21st May, 2017

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