hey this is just an

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hey this is just an idea at the moment for competitions next year like MTNA and the ARTS awards ...give me some constructive criticism on it please 1.Bach-prelude and fugue no 6 in d minor 2.Mozart-Sonata in C minor 3.Chopin-Grande Brilliante Polonaise or Rachmaninov-prelude in g sharp minor or prelude in b minor or Brahms- 7 fantasies op.116 no.7 4.Prokofiev-Toccata in d minor 5.Chopin-etude no.11 op.25(which some may call the winter wind)
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  • THEpianist

    yea..i understand..im not so fond of the main theme of the third movement myself..and the first movement happens to be my favorite movement...i understand wut u mean about the grande brilliante polonaise...I have back ups to that..but my chopin etude is very popular but i still find it a great etude and performance piece...i was thinkin about doin the d sharp minor scriabin..but thats almost as popular..oh well..thnx for the comments..anyone else?..keep em comin

    20th May, 2017

  • MichelleCheung

    The 3rd movement of the mozart c minor is not one of my favourites. It repeats the short annoying motif sooo many times, although I really like the first movement-its his most Beethovenish of all the sonatas. Are you playing the whole thing? The chopin grand polonaise is an old war horse and your adjuicator will know it inside out.

    20th May, 2017

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