Has anyone ever wond

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Has anyone ever wondered that keyboarding is the same as playing piano? `cause it just hit the top of my head. Am I right? (I don`t play piano and am a slow typist)Dose this mean that I will be a lousy pianist?? I have noticed that pianist and typist like to flip their heads up and down whenever they do what they do. Give me some feed back.
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  • BOBsmile

    Hehe...I wouldn`t call myself a bad pianist, I also do a little h4x1ng, but I type relatively slow compared to my harpist friend.

    16th May, 2017

  • Cally

    hey, ive got to say i think piano is a lot harder than typing, u can master typing in like what less than a year but it takes several decades for the people that can master the piano to do so. and just because ur bad at typing doesnt mean u will be bad at the piano vice versa.because im a pretty slow typer and i use two fingers and i dont mean to brag but i dont think im a bad pianist at all. so i guess there is a connection kind of but i dont think its a very big one.

    16th May, 2017

  • CarolBlackburn

    Playing the piano and typing on a keyboard have similarities and differences... You`re right about this subject, because it`s not only the head bobbing part, but they both require adequate finger movement. In piano, you practice in order to memorize the keys to make it easier to play. Same goes to keyboarding---memorize the letters and it`ll be easier to type...

    16th May, 2017

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