does anyone have she

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does anyone have sheet music for Christina Aguilera`s "the voice within" ?
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  • Fred Fisher
    Fred Fisher

    I`m also looking for the sheet music for The Voice Within, if anyone has it I`d love to receive it.

    16th May, 2017

  • Johnson

    who cares about that crappy singer, get this out of the piano forum!! no offense Danielle

    16th May, 2017

  • CarolBlackburn

    by the way my email is

    16th May, 2017

  • YoungPiano

    i`ve got it, if you email me then i will send it to you

    16th May, 2017

  • hailyjewel

    yes email me to please :p think this is going to be one of those sheets everybody`s asking for, but nobody`s got it.

    16th May, 2017

  • DanQL

    OMG if anyone has it e-mail me @

    16th May, 2017

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