Does anyone have any

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Does anyone have any tips on learning music by ear?
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  • Animalski

    Try finding some chords to go along with the main tune. It will sound really neat.

    11th May, 2017

  • sanzim

    i learn by ear myself and personly my advice is to listen to alot of music and PRACTICE.

    11th May, 2017

  • Rudy1988

    I'm new here but this is one thing I know something about. I play piano by ear and the best advice I could give is to never give up. It's going to take a while of playing the same song over and over (no matter how talented you may be) for your muscles to get comfortable with the movements and postures. So the key is to pick a song you LOVE and would love to play on piano , but something that wasn't written by Chopin. Find an easy song and play it over and over again. Start with one note of the melody, play it until you don't have to think about what you're doing and then pick out a simple bass line. There's no shame in playing a very simple version of a song and working your way up. And there's not always going to be forward progress, but stick with it and you will be able to play the song. One last thing. Learn scales. I'm not talking learning the names of the scales or the notes within the scale, but if you know which keys are always going to be excluded you have less keys to pick from when picking out a song. For example, in Mary had a little lamb, the second note is higher than the first. But when you learn the scale (C major is an easy one for's all the white keys starting with C) you know that the next note isn't black and it's not the first note, so you've cut six possibilities off the list. That sounds like a lot of brain work at first, but with practice it will come naturally. I can play a lot of songs I've never played before on the spot because I've practiced these methods. Sometimes they're simpler versions of the songs and sometimes the songs have such odd melodies (Rhapsody in Blue, for instance) that I have to pick the parts out one at a time, but I can learn it. The point is don't give up. Eventually you will want to learn the theory parts of music. You don't have to come away dripping with it but understanding the mechanics helps so much in later playing. Yell at me if I haven't made any sense here. Good luck!


    Well, just in case somebody wonders, I was thinking of London Bridge when I wrote about the second note in Mary Had a Little Lamb being higher than the first. It's lower than the first, but the method works the same.

    11th May, 2017

  • Sailor

    well, i hear the song, sing it and match the pitch on the piano.

    11th May, 2017

  • Thomas2017

    11th May, 2017

  • MrBillSTL

    do you mean like hearing a song and playing it without music?

    11th May, 2017

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