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Ok, this could get me labelled as the bloide of the forum (but technically I'm a red head..well, since i dyed it, but anyway): On my piano, there's three pedals, one sustains, ones the practice pedal, and the thrid one I have no idea what it does. Is there some satandard third pedal that does something? I know it's a yamaha piano, but I inherited it form my grandad so I don't know the details! Thanks, its a general wonderment thats been irritating me for ages! (by the way, I am quite intelligent, but i don't see the point in holding back if i've got a question to ask!!) thanks,
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  • Paul piano
    Paul piano

    My thoughts exactly! These things need investgating!! Happy Pedalling!

    10th May, 2017

  • Rudy1988

    Being Blonde, and a whole lot older.. I"ve been looking at those pedals and wondering myself..But didnt have the nerve to ask..........Now we all know .. thanks for asking that question...Hey, You don't know if you don't ask right?

    10th May, 2017

  • Thomas2017

    So that what they're called...crikey, you learn something new everyday don't you?! cheers people, much appreciated!! anytime you have a wonderment, throw it my way! you never know what little useless fact you'll get in return!!

    10th May, 2017

  • Tony Jackson
    Tony Jackson

    Hi I've been playing the piano for four and a half years and it wasn't until last year that I found out what that pedal does, so if anyone else does think that you're stupid I certainly don't, hardly anyone ever uses that pedal and often pianos won't have them. Anyway I believe the pedal you're referring to is the sostenuto pedal, in the reply above it is says that it is the middle pedal but you will often find that the middle pedal on a piano is the practice pedal and the left one is the sostenuto pedal. Just to clarify it is the pedal which sustains the first note or chord you play whilst allowing you to play ther notes without them being sustained. I have only found the need to use this pedal in three pieces during the whole time I have played the piano. Hope that helps. Take care, shelly x

    10th May, 2017

  • Morris

    Don't worry Blondie576. Noone will think any less of you. lol Have you figured out those black and white thingies yet? They are called KEYS. Let me spell that for you: K - E - Y - S Again, in case you want to write that down: K - E - Y - S Sorry, I always get a bit carried away when it comes to the blonde thing. lol I have a Yamaha digital piano too (a Clavinova) and this is copied straight from the manual: Thank you for buying the Yama... Blablabla... Damper (Right) Pedal The damper pedal functions in the same way as a damper pedal on an acoustic piano. When the damper pedal is pressed, notes sustain longer. Releasing the pedal immediately stops (damps) any sustained notes. Sostenuto (Center) Pedal If you play a note or chord on the keyboard and press the sostenuto pedal while the note(s) are held, those notes will sustain as long as you hold the pedal (as if the damper pedal had been pressed) but all subsequently played notes will not be sustained. This makes it possible to sustain a chord, for example, while other notes are played

    10th May, 2017

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