Does anybody out the

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Does anybody out there have the piano sheet music for Josh Groban`s, You raise me up? I`ve been looking for it for quite some time and haven`t been able to find it. Please email it to me, or post a link if possible. Thanks
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  • myredroom

    I have also been looking for You Raise me Up for a long time if anyone has it please email it to me Thanks

    9th May, 2017

  • Jessica

    Just go to and you can download it for $4.95. Or buy a whole album.

    9th May, 2017

  • Paul Whiteman
    Paul Whiteman

    I am also looking to find this piece. Sadly my little baby boy Jack died before he could be delivered into this world. My wife and I would love to play the song at his funeral this Saturday the 15th of Jan. If anyone can help my e-mail address is Kindest regards Gavin

    9th May, 2017

  • sanzim

    hey guys....i have the sheet music....send me an email at if u would like it

    9th May, 2017

  • Carolina

    I would love to have it to! Please e-mail me or post it on the message board.

    9th May, 2017

  • Morris

    Hi... unfortunately I don

    9th May, 2017

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