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My grandmother recently gave me a piano/organ of hers, but she`d never played it and doesn`t know what it is. Maybe someone here can help me? It has black and white pulls on it. 2 rows of keys, switches for vibrato, percussion settings, and other settings, and it hasfoot pedals like a church organ. It`s smaller than an upright piano, but almost heavier! It operates on electricity, but it`s not a keyboard... Thanks
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  • Madida

    The white & black things are buttons you can pull out and they each have numbers on them from 1-7

    5th May, 2017

  • Beethovenian

    Is it an electone? U ought to post some pictures. That`ll help people to understand your descriptions. When u say black and white pulls... u mean like organ `stops`?

    5th May, 2017

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