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Hello all, I`m a beginnning piano student. I learned a simplified version of Beethoven`s Moonlight Sonata, and now I`m learning the real thing. But the complex fingering gives me a lot of trouble. In several parts of Moonlight (measures 7 and 8, 12-22, and so on), there are three separate melodies: Half and quarter notes high in the treble clef, triplets in the middle, and whole and half notes in the bass. I`ve played around with several different fingerings, but I can`t figure out how to play all three melodies at once. Here`s what I`m trying: The bass line is generally just two notes an octave apart. I use the first and fifth fingers of my left hand to play those notes. Then I try to play the triplets with my first, second, and third fingers of my right hand, leaving my pinky free to hit the high notes. But this stretches my right hand out in a really painful way. Just playing three or four measures like that makes my wrists ache. And in some parts it`s physically impossible for me to reach all the keys. For example, in the last beat of measure 8, the high note is a high B, while the triplet is A, B, and D sharp. So I have to put my pinky on B, my thumb 9 keys lower on A, and somehow get my index finger right next to my thumb to hit the B. I don`t see how that`s possible. So what am I doing wrong? Am I just not flexible enough, or is my fingering wrong? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
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    Your fingering is right. Do you have small hands? Or are u holding the lower notes of the right hand ( arpeggios ) also when u play? Remember to let go of those notes, so that your hand is free to play the upper voice. There is only one melody at the top line... it`ll travel to the thumb occassionally. U can split the compound intervals if u can`t reach them, but remember to hold and emphasize the melodic notes. And most importantly, stay relaxed. U ought not get sore wrists by stretching. I`m thinking that u might have been too tensed, esp. at the fore arm and shoulder. Lower your wrist comfortably and drop your arm weight down.

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